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GiftednessGiftedness refers to exceptional abilities. We are used to thinking of people as gifted in athletics or music; people with those aptitudes are socially admired and often financially rewarded.

However American culture, with its emphasis on democracy and equality, is not as welcoming to people who have unusual intellectual capability with problem-solving, math or language.
Intelligence can actually present a social handicap, and those with high intellectual ability may feel isolated or uncomfortable with their differences. It isn’t easy to feel different, even if  the difference is a strength.

Intellect does not prevent suffering or misfortune, and people who are gifted may seek counseling for the same reasons anyone else does: anxious feelings, depressed states, relationship troubles. Difficulties like these may all be compounded when you identify as a capable person who ought to be able to figure things out for yourself; it can be quite painful to realize your limitations when it comes to dealing with emotions that are hard to handle.