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Services and Programs

2021 Groups and Classes: Not currently scheduled

Contact for info. Registration questions are beneath group description:

Classes below are not available right now, but drop us a note and we’ll let you know about scheduling for the future.

We guarantee our groups and classes: We want these programs to work for you, and stand behind them completely. If you decide you’re not satisfied within one full year after completing a class, we will completely refund your fee. Space in groups and classes is limited to allow for plenty of small group interaction.

Newly Single: Surviving Divorce or a Break-up

Learn to deal with the uncertainty, pain and disorganization of breaking up a relationship. Isn’t life too short to spend it unhappy?

Creating Lasting Love

This class is especially for men and women who would like to find a partner. Learn how to enjoy dating and handle relationships in a healthy way.

Individual Counseling Services

We provide in-office counseling services with flexible scheduling. We work in a way that draws on your strengths and encourages creative thinking about the changes you want to make. Along with our training in traditional outcome-oriented “talk therapy,” we may suggest:

  • reading materials to supplement our sessions
  • journaling and writing
  • teaching you skills to control your breathing
  • demonstrating and teaching you movement activities
  • awareness of body sensations
  • using artwork or imagery
  • community activities and resources

Couple or Marriage Counseling

It can be tough to seek help for your relationship concerns. So much is at stake; often couples have suffered for a long time, hoping things would improve, before seeking outside help. It may have become very difficult to speak honestly to your partner because conflict has gotten so intense, or because you’ve had distance between you for so long. We work with you to break the tension or silence and start having the conversations you need to, in order to get close again and re-establish trust.

Course Correction

People wait too long to seek counseling for their relationship! Research indicates most people are unhappy for an average of 6-7 years before seeking help. This is very unfortunate and unnecessary, because there are so many ways we can help you improve your relationship patterns and get “un-stuck”. It is also inarguably clear that living with an unhappy relationship is, quite literally, a health hazard. Under conditions of relationship stress, our bodies secrete unhealthy levels of certain hormones, and over time immune functioning is affected.

We offer a four session assessment based on research by the Gottman Institute in Seattle, consisting of a couple interview, individual sessions with both partners, and a hefty set of questionnaires; the material is carefully reviewed by your counselor and then presented to you at the fourth meeting with both partners present. We give you a forecast on where the relationship is headed; we identify your strengths, and if there are concerns, how we recommend you proceed to make needed changes.

Are We Compatible? Premarital Assessment

Using the format of two couple sessions and one individual session with each partner, combined with written questionnaires, we provide you with an objective, comprehensive picture of your relationship strengths and challenges. We give you feedback on your communication styles, your methods for addressing conflict, and how events from the past may influence your relationship in the future. Then you can proceed with shared understanding and a common language for talking about your life together.

Services and Programs on Sexuality
A Sex-Positive Approach to Individual Counseling

Do you have to be in a relationship to learn more about your sexual self? Not at all. We work with individuals who want better sexual connection, in their relationship or with their feelings about their own sexuality. People come to us with concerns about orgasmic ability; lack of desire; questions about sexual fantasies or turn-ons; or abuse histories that get in the way of the expressiveness and joy they seek in their sexual relationship.

We work with a wide variety of people and are open to the multitude of ways people seek sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

The term sex-positive refers to the attitude that sex is an especially precious and fun aspect of being human, and that everyone is entitled to enjoying a wonderful sex life.

Here are some examples of how counseling about sexuality can benefit you:

  • You communicate easily with your partner about what each of you likes and doesn’t like.
  • You act in ways that are authentic and true to yourself.
  • You are clear and respectful about boundaries, and find partners who respect yours.
  • You have a positive sexual relationship with yourself and are able to give yourself sensations of pleasure.
  • You feel confident that you know how to please another, and are competent sexually.
  • You know how to obtain information about sexual questions or concerns you may have, and take responsibility for improving your sex life when desired.
  • Difficult relationships or experiences from the past may continue to influence you, but you still allow yourself to enjoy and take possession of your sexual self.

Your sexual behavior and relationships feel like a natural extension and expression of who you are, as a whole complex, emotional, sensual and imaginative person.

Couples Counseling for Sexual Concerns

Couples of all kinds and compositions get capable help and a welcoming attitude from our team. We have sought out extensive training in working effectively with couples on these concerns, which often involve a great deal of vulnerability. We can assist with disparities in desire between partners; lack of sexual energy or interest; orgasm or “performance” problems; generating energy and renewing sexual excitement; negotiating exploratory activities together, with cooperation and sensitivity; recreating trust after infidelity.

We help all kinds of couples find greater intimacy and emotional satisfaction, and rediscover or deepen the delight of their physical relationship. Many people lack the skills to create the kind of satisfaction they long for in relationship. They may believe it is wrong or selfish to want pleasure, or that it is impossible with their current partner. They may have difficulty talking intimately and explicitly, and so remain unsatisfied. They may feel lonely, even in a sexual relationship. But sex can serve to create a powerful sense of well-being and vitality, and we believe it is your birthright as a person to enjoy sexual feelings and share them with someone close to you.

Our counselors are kink-aware and poly-friendly. We assist all sorts of people because we believe many kinds of sexual expression are joyful, consensual and can contribute to growth and well-being. Please contact us if you are curious about how we may be of help to you.

Classes and Events for Professionals

Licensure Supervision Group

Individual and group supervision for LPC, LMFT Interns and CSWAs. Daytime meetings, twice per month. Two groups currently available; both are a fit for generalist clinicians in any setting and offer a high-quality interactive supervision experience.
-Enjoy peer support and feedback
-Receive direction on cases from a seasoned practitioner
-Develop your clinical reasoning and confidence
-Integrate theory, ethical principles and real-world practice
Supplemental optional readings and other media will be available to strengthen skills.

Focus on Relationships and Sexuality This supervision group will include consultation on any kind of adult client situation, with an emphasis on addressing common concerns about relationships and sex. Option to count group hours toward certification as a Sex Counselor or Therapist with AASECT, the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

Focus on Neurodivergence This group will address cases involving clients of all ages; children, teens and families or individual adults who may be diagnosed as Autistic, OCD, ADHD, Bipolar, SPMI/Schizophrenic, LD or DD. Learn about clinical innovations and trends in this area of specialization, as well as medical and social models of disability, self-advocacy and principles of disability justice.

Please use our Contact form to obtain additional details on Supervision.

Spring 2021 Events for Wellness and Mental Health Professionals Coming Soon

Working with Couples: Six Weeks to Becoming a Confident Couples Therapist This class will offer a lively place for couples therapists who seek peer support and want to challenge themselves. We will grapple with the complex and fascinating issues contemporary couples bring to counseling and therapy, including sexual concerns.

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