Couples & Money

Do you or your partner keep secrets about money and credit card spending?

Are you having trouble agreeing on budgeting or financial decisions?

If you're looking for sanity and honesty about money in your relationship, let's talk.

Over time, the different stages of marriage demand flexible strategies from couples. Counseling offers the opportunity to talk over values and attitudes about money and financial decisions. These are often unnoticed and unexplained, because they are rroted in personal history and family background.

The subject of money stirs deep feelings about security, safety and our aspirations in life. Freedom, stability, hopes for our children's future, the pursuit of pleasure- all are intertwined with the amount of money we have in savings.
The sensation of plenty or of scarce resources can influence the mood in a home, and reflect our quality of life.

Couples come at this issue with their own unique points of view and it is not unusual to hit roadblocks about these deeply personal and important issues.

If you need an impartial person to help you talk about disputes or disappointment related to money in your life, I hope you'll get in touch.