Couples & Sex

Intimacy and sexual connection can keep a relationship strong through difficult times; yet it's not always easy to maintain an atmosphere of closeness and caring, and couples can lose track of what brought them together, despite their best intentions.

In addition to my work as a couples therapist using the Gottman method, I'm certified as a Sex Therapist, so I know how to help you feel at ease, even when discussing sensitive and private subjects. Couples tend to seek help with concerns like these:

      One or both people lack interest in sex, and the couple may not have engaged in sexual activity for a prolonged period

      Lack of routines or agreements about how to initiate sex, creating awkward feelings

      Difficulty with sexual pain or orgasm

      Problems with trust, infidelity or porn use interfring with closeness

      Couples with different sexual needs and wishes

You can look at my other website,, to learn more about my sex therapy practice, or just contact me here with any questions.

I believe everybody deserves a great sex life! If sex is important to you, it's worth the effort to try talking and figuring out what may be getting in the way.