Daytime appointments are available at a lower rate because most people prefer to meet in the afternoon and evening.

7 AM- 2:30 PM                                               2:30 PM and later

50 minutes: 160                                        50 minutes: 200

85 minutes: 250                                        85 minutes: 325

If you'd like to look into reimbursement through insurance coverage, I can give you a list of questions to refer to when you call your insurer to check your health benefits.

Confidentiality and privacy are of great importance to most people who are seeing me, so for this reason I don’t bill insurance directly.

I can provide a detailed receipt for you to obtain reimbursement from your insurer. Some plans cover Family Therapy services, and the best way for you to get accurate information is to call first.

I have found subscribers typically receive more accurate information from their insurance companies than providers do, so this is why recommend that you make the call yourself.