Weekly Therapy

Naturally, couples who are considering counseling wonder, How long will it take? or How will we know if it's helping? Sometimes people are hesitant about starting counseling for relationship issues because they know couples who have ended up divorcing after meeting with a counselor for a while.

My focus is always on helping you remain together as a couple if at all possible. The research I have studied shows that the best results occur when couples come in weekly at first and then gradually attend sessions less frequently. The idea is to help the couple interact effectively with decreased need for coaching by the therapist.

Some couples visit me for a 4-session assessment, to gain understanding of their relationship and get on the right track in order to make further improvements on their own. I generally work with couples on a short-term basis, for 10-15 sessions. Our visits are information-rich and I provide you with plenty of handouts, tools and ideas about how to do things differently at home, so you are actively working on creating change outside of our session time.

Situations that tend to take more time to improve may include:


        alcohol or recreational drug abuse

        chronic, habitual conflict

        trauma or sexual abuse recovery


Once you experience improvement and feel satisfied with the progress you have made, I encourage you to come back for 4 additional sessions, spaced 6 months apart. Those sessions serve to cement the gains you have made and to really hold on to the learning you achieve in the therapy.

My fees are based on the time of day you come in. Appointments are booked in 50 and 85 minute increments. This allows us to make occasional slight extensions to session length if you need more time, and I do not charge any additional fee for that time.

Daytime fees (7 AM- 2:30 PM) are:

$160 for 50 minutes

$250 for 85 minutes

Afternoons and evenings ( 2:30PM- 8 PM) are in highest demand, so these fees are:

$200 for 50 minutes

$325 for 85 minutes

I may have a scholarship or adjusted fee spot open during the day, based on need; please just ask me about this. Times after 2:30 PM are at a premium.