It's not too late to create a loving relationship!


When relationships are difficult, many couples wonder: Do we really belong together? Often these people are simply missing knowledge and skills about how to keep their friendship alive and manage conflict capably. Once both partners know how to apply the right princliples, even when your difficulties have become serious, amazing things can happen. Based on 35+ years of scientific research, the concepts and materials that I use will provide step-by-step, reliable guidance so you can break free from stuck patterns and develop the kind of relationship you've been longing for.


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The Gottman Relationship Institute conducts leading-edge research on relationships and then applies it to practical, down-to-earth therapy; no other approach to couples education and therapy has relied on such intensive, detailed and long-term scientific study of why marriages succeed or fail. John Gottman was recently voted one of the ten most influential therapists of the past quarter-century by the professional journal Psychotherapy Networker, and this prestigious award is just one of his many remarkable accomplishments. As a Certified Gottman therapist, I bring many years of clinical experience plus the ability to match my knowledge and training to your particular situation.

I also am authorized by the Gottman Institute to conduct weekend-retreat Art and Science of Love workshops for couples, and to provide professional training in the Gottman Method to other therapists.