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stream through treesAutism may be a part of your life, but you don’t necessarily need therapy just because you’re Autistic.

Maybe you’re wondering if this term applies to you, or you’re reading this because you love someone who is Autistic.

Perhaps you have been diagnosed but still don’t know what this means for your life as an adult.

Sometimes people feel as though they (or their children) are defective because they have received an Autism diagnosis. For some adults, getting a diagnosis or going through self-discovery as an Autistic person can feel liberating and provide relief.

I meet with clients who have questions about Autism for a variety of reasons:

  • Testing to confirm or further explore your own impression that you may be Autistic
  • Helping couples when one or both partners are Autistic
  • Differential diagnosis, meaning Autism is one possible explanation for your issues, but there might be other ways to understand and more accurately describe your experience
  • Consults with people who have already been diagnosed by a professional and wonder why they have challenges in some areas but not others
  • Meeting with parents who wish to better understand their autistic children- of any age

As an adult, I came to realize that I am Autistic, and I apply this knowledge to my professional practice. If we met, you probably would not notice this trait; I have been so accustomed to living in a non-Autistic world that I have adapted and by now I look like pretty much anybody else. I know my mind is a bit different though, and I have had to do a lot of observing to fit in socially, and to manage reactions to noises and other sensations that don’t bother most people.

Why meet with an Autistic therapist?

I see many strengths in being Autistic, and while we are a diverse bunch, certain traits are frequently present among us. Because of my nervous system, I am highly observant and notice small details that others might miss.

It is a misperception that Autistic people are robotic or lack emotions. I am empathic and rational at the same time, so I can bring objectivity and clarity to your situation.

Like many other Autistics, I have an unusual ability to focus and concentrate deeply, and this keeps therapy conversations focused and productive.

I am a prodigious reader, committed to continuous learning and researching. Because I tend to be a pragmatic thinker, I do effective problem-solving. I can also generate original, unexpected ideas due to having an unusual perspective on issues.

I have an exceptional interest in sorting through moral questions and dilemmas, which are of compelling concern to many Autistic people.

*Please note, diagnosis for the purpose of qualifying for disability or vocational accommodations can only be done by a Licensed Psychologist. If that is your goal, I can refer you to capable specialists who could help you.


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