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Dating Help

dating-help-portlandDo any of these statements sound like you?

I’m so successful in my career, and I have great friends. How on earth can my love life be so disappointing? I just can’t seem to meet the right person.

Relationships are great at first, but I never seem to find anybody I want to stay with for more than a few years. Maybe I’m too picky.

Where does anybody go to meet people in this town? I wouldn’t know how to get a date. I’m too shy to start conversations anyway.

After this break-up, it seems like everyone has a soul mate meant just for them, and I lost mine.

Did you realize it’s possible to develop improved skills and awareness to assist you in dating?

Are you having a hard time finding quality people when you do go out? Or when you do find people you like, you still can’t seem to move toward long-term commitment? Dating can be looked at as a series of steps, much like learning to waltz or swing dance.

Many singles just don’t know how to date in a way that attracts a healthy partner. When you truly understand how to date, when you approach it with the right mindset and are well-informed, your chances of enjoying the dating itself and of finding someone you click with are greatly improved.

Without this knowledge, you’re likely to get burned out, discouraged, or even devastated over having made yourself vulnerable to someone who is not a match for you.

People who work with us come from a variety of circumstances. They may need:

  • Support with developing skills to find a lasting, healthy relationship and be a good partner
  • Help with motivation; making lasting changes in self-concept, in order to find healthier relationships
  • Guidance in making a decisions about an important relationship
  • Coping with loneliness or shyness; help with social skills
  • Getting over heartbreak and making sense of loss

How can we help people deal effectively with relationship problems?

Intimate relationships are among the most important aspects of people’s lives. We’d be glad to speak with you and let you know more about how we work with these concerns, so you’re welcome to give us a call or email and we’ll respond promptly.

We’d love to help you create the healthy, loving relationship you desire- and deserve!


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