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Portland Professional Counseling & Psychotherapy How We Work

portlandcounselingWe are independently practicing colleagues who act as consultants and educators about Emotional Intelligence.

This refers to a body of knowledge from various disciplines about ways people can recognize and pay precise attention to their feelings. Many of the methods we teach have some scientific validation, although measuring human behavior and change is always a complex task. Some of these concepts are rooted in ancient philosophies and have been tested over centuries.

The counselors and psychotherapists in this website include professionals who rely on sound and practical methods. People who seek counseling may have very specific goals they want to achieve, or just know they work best with an action-oriented approach. Click the button to schedule a session

We all enjoy working with people who have complicated situations and problems in their lives, because it is so likely that they will eventually experience improvement.

You can learn a new way of getting along with others and feeling happier. We have tools to support you in learning to find the kinds of relationships you would like to have, and understanding yourself and the other important people in your life.

Although we are trained as therapists, we do not do the sort of therapy that identifies people as “ill”, instead we tend to focus on your strengths. We also use an approach that is psycho-educational, providing you information about specific behaviors and thinking you can practice that will result in feeling more positive and in charge of your life. We are therapists who are practical in the way we approach your situation: listening as carefully as we can, giving feedback, sometimes offering strategies you can try, other times a philosophical “big picture” perspective; if you have a blind spot about something, we let you know. Our counseling services are also results-oriented, and are a great fit for people who know they don’t want to talk about the past, or just want to master some specific habit changes or interpersonal skills once and for all.

If you think our services may be of use to you, you are welcome to contact us.