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Counseling for Couples or Marital Counseling

Relationship counseling at Portland Counseling can be beneficial for couples whether they are married or not. The method of relationship therapy we use has a positive focus, and helps couples to build skills and recognize the habits and patterns that cause problems for them. Marital counseling will strengthen your connection and provide you with new ideas about how to detour around old arguments and gain a fresh approach.

Couples counseling does not involve a relationship therapist refereeing arguments, choosing sides, or advising coupes they should split up. Couple counseling that is done effectively involves the relationship counselor giving feedback, interrupting negative patterns, and demonstrating positive and useful ways of interacting.

When couples use the skills suggested by their relationship therapist and try new approaches, they are often surprised by how quickly they make the improvements they had wished for, and thus become more hopeful about their relationship.

“Can you help my marriage?”

Marriage problems often feel overwhelming or hopeless. Portland Counseling relationship therapists are trained in the specialty of couples counseling, so we are able to precisely identify what behavior patterns need to change and suggest alternative means of communicating and expressing needs, emotions and opinions.

We also know how much time you are likely to need in counseling in order to improve your relationship, and provide the tools you need for eventually sustaining change on your own.

The type of relationship therapy we offer is not about you depending on the couples counselor forever to work out your issues, but giving you opportunities to practice at home so you will keep the gains you make.

“Does marriage counseling work?”

Marriage counseling services have a high likelihood of helping, even with serious problems such as constant bickering and putdowns or infidelity in marriage.Save your relationship by trying mental health counseling. The right marriage counseling help, whether with a marriage and family therapist or a counseling psychologist can indeed save your marriage.

Couples who split up show clear warning indicators:

  • distance, lack of affection
  • increased arguing, criticism, sarcasm
  • mistrust, secrecy

If you’re experiencing any of these, it’s important you take prompt action to improve things between you and your partner. Left unattended, these habits are likely to worsen.

“What if we can’t make it into the office for an appointment?”

Online marriage counseling is available through Portland Coaching and Counseling. While online marriage counseling advice can take place through the phone, VSee, or email and chat, any system involving regularly scheduled contact with your marriage counselor will be likely to yield positive results.

Online counseling is equally effective as in-person services, and online couples counseling can work well for busy couples whose work schedules or family demands make it more convenient.

Like in-office services, online relationship counseling is best supplemented by reading educational material or practicing specific behaviors with your partner in between sessions. Your therapist will identify the activities that are the best match for your needs and situation.

Most couples who fall into ineffective habits do so because of a lack of skills in communication, dealing with conflict, or expressing intimacy.

You may not know how exactly to address ongoing resentments, lack of closeness, breaches of trust, affairs or jealousy, or anger. However, the

action-oriented, skill-developing type of counseling we offer can definitely help, and often in a suprisingly short time.

Curious? Read about our approach, or just get in touch and we’ll respond promptly. You can renew your relationship, starting right now.

We’ve helped hundreds of Portland couples since 1999. Please let us know your unique concerns so we can help you. Our email and phone number is posted at the top of every page of the website or visit the contact us page.

Couples who come to see us may be seeking improvements in a basically positive relationship, or may have very serious concerns about their future together. We provide immediate help for communication problems and misunderstandings, unproductive arguing and disagreements. Even if you are facing a distance in your relationship that has grown over time, chances are we can assist you in having the kinds of conversations you need to, in order to bridge the gap. We have enormous respect for the struggle involved in developing a truly strong intimate relationship.

Our approach creates productive communication, rebuilds trust, and renews the emotional intimacy you are seeking. (You won’t find us just listening while you take turns complaining about the problems you’re having!)

We use methods from the best of modern research. From your first session with us, you’ll be seeings things from new angles. You’ll take home information that can help you change stuck patterns and habits, so your relationship can become a source of love and caring again.

We draw on our training from the world-famous Gottman Institute in Seattle, among other esteemed clinical researchers we’ve studied with in person- so you know you’re getting counseling and therapy that has helped thousands of other couples of all kinds.

We work with and support couples who are straight, gay, lesbian, in transition, monogamous, poly or in other creative relationship structures.

Our services are of course absolutely private and confidential, so we aren’t describing exact stories of clients’ lives here, but these are common reasons couples come to talk with us.

Do any of these sound like your relationship?

-We keep running into communication blocks. I’m so tired of the same arguments over and over.

-We have a solid relationship, but I want to make it better. We’re great partners when it comes to everyday stuff, but we’re so focused on the details of life that we just don’t really talk about much anymore. We used to talk about everything.

-My partner had an affair. I can’t stop thinking about it, and yet he wants me to let it go and move on. I never knew how badly this would hurt. I want our marriage back. How does anybody get over this?

-I want my partner to reason with me and stop spending so much money. I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. The relationship can’t possibly last with this kind of stress!

-Our relationship is comfortable but there’s really no intimacy anymore. Sometimes I wonder if we should still be together, or if there’s somebody better out there for me.

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