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gay-lesbian-help-portlandAre you looking for a counselor who can work well with you, yet you’d like knowing that you’re unlikely to run into them in a social setting?

Are you tired of explaining your relationships and sexuality to counselors who don’t quite get it?

Have you been distracted by therapists who assume you want to talk about your coming out experience, whether it’s relevant to your current issues or not?

Socializing in the Queer community has its nuances, and yet you shouldn’t have to spend valuable session time introducing your counselor to the dynamics of your social circle. We’ll match you with a counselor who can quickly understand your situation without you feeling frustrated at explaining language, relationships and concepts.

Our therapists recognize the important elements of your background and experience as a gay, lesbian or trans-person in this culture, and we validate bisexuals too.

You may be interested in talking with us about concerns specific to your sexual orientation:

  • relationship problems
  • dating
  • breakups
  • sex
  • trans and gender fluid identity
  • mixed-orientation relationship or marriage
  • deciding about monogamy or open relationship
  • agreeing on being out when partners have different needs or comfort level

Relationships can be especially difficult to deal with because of lack of social support for being gay. You may have less family contact and support available to you than straight people do.

Breakups can be tough because you already have a limited number of potential partners and people to socialize with in your specific circle. It’s often hard to avoid the person you broke up with, and perhaps the majority of your friends are mutual to both of you. Since time with friends may be one of the few places you feel really accepted and able to be yourself, this puts a strain on finding support after a relationship dissolves.

We also work with:

  • career challenges
  • addictions
  • self-esteem, depression, anxiety
  • body image
  • parenting and family issues

Whatever the reason you’re seeking counseling, you can be assured you will be treated capably by a well-informed and experienced clinician who knows your life is not just a lifestyle.

You’re welcome to contact us to find out how we may be able to help with your concerns.


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