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sex_flowerpistol_1Do any of these statements sound similar to your situation?

My partner wants sex more often than I do, and we end up arguing about it a lot. By now it’s gotten to be such a pattern that we’re pretty much avoiding the subject as much as we can.

I’ve never been good at having orgasms. I have them very infrequently, and it’s frustrating for both me and my partner.

I have never been able to speak directly to my partner about what I want sexually. It’s awkward to admit it, but it’s gotten pretty dull over the years. How do other people handle this?

Despite the enormous amount of sexual material and imagery we are exposed to in our culture, we live in a climate of sexual misinformation and over-stimulation. Individuals and couples come to us for assistance with numerous concerns about sexuality.

Perhaps you want to get more adventurous with sex, but your partner doesn’t. What can you do when you have a good relationship otherwise?

Maybe your fantasy life bothers you. Some people tell us the things that turn them on don’t mesh with their image of who they are.

One of the most common questions people wonder about is whether they are sexually normal. We can help you figure out what you might be able to change and what you can accept about your sexual self.

Work with a coach or counselor can serve to remind you of your strengths and to help you achieve the levels of sensation or intensity you wish for, or to increase intimacy with a partner.

Coaching or counseling for this kind of issue involves attention to more than just talking about problems. Your mind is definitely involved in sex, but improving your sex life is also about cultivating awareness and connection to your emotions, your physical self (of course) and your creativity or spirituality.

Our approach focuses on results, to help you reach your sexual potential;this might involve learning new information, doing exercises and assignments at home, even taking field trips or creating whatever rituals are meaningful to you.

We provide education, openness, and encouragement. Counseling offers a completely private place to explore your history and desires, and to expand your sexual repertoire. We are non-judgmental, and help people who have a wide array of sexual orientations and preferences.

If you’d like to call or email us about how we might address your particular concerns, please get in touch and we’ll respond promptly. We’d be pleased to hear from you; just let us know how you’d like to be contacted.

How can we help you to improve your sex life? Click here for information on the approach we use and the kinds of results we have helped others accomplish.