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Family Counseling & Coaching

parenting_girl-spinning_1Families are up against some real challenges these days. We live in an over-stimulated, fast-paced world; most people spend more hours at work than they used to; children often experience pressure at school and in their friendships; and parents are sometimes isolated from the community and extended family.

Our services are of course absolutely private and confidential, so we cannot disclose real stories of clients’ lives, but we hear comments like these about family life right now:

There is way too much fighting in our house and I want to get control. I want to be a good parent, and yet I am out of ideas.

I wanted to be a mom for so long but now I’m exhausted and crying so much. Of course I love my baby, but I never knew this would be so hard.

My daughter is always fretting about her weight and she won’t listen to me when I tell her she looks just fine. I wonder if there is something wrong with her?

We have a new baby in the family. My toddler, who used to be so good, is really difficult to handle now. Tantrums, won’t take a nap, hitting at playgroup. It’s embarrassing! Plus I don’t even have enough energy to do the necessary things, never mind deal with all this, too. Help!

I can’t get my son off the computer. He is surly and just wants to be on electronics all the time. I’m worried about him, but it’s what I see all his friends doing when they come over, too. Is this normal?

How can we help you to improve your relationship with your children in these stressful times? Click here to read about the methods we use.