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infertility-help-portlandInfertility can leave you feeling like a raw nerve, chafed by everyone around you. Nobody seems to know how to help you feel better.

Have you been dealing with the frustration and sadness of not being able to get pregnant?

Are you weary or confused about how to make decisions on what to do next in your fertility treatment?

Wondering what you can do about how helpless you feel?

Women who are dealing with infertility often feel alone. They don’t want to burden their husbands with their suffering, and even well-meaning friends and family seem to have trouble empathizing. They try to offer comfort, but many of the things they say actually seem insensitive, and it becomes clear that they just really don’t know what it’s like.

You may even doubt your own feelings. After all, you may have plenty to appreciate in your life; a stable marriage, sufficient income to feel capable of parenting a child, family and friends who have been hopefully watching and waiting for you to get pregnant so they can congratulate you.

While you’re dealing with numerous and costly medical decisions and all the uncertainty of infertility, you may become anxious, depressed or isolated. It’s such an intense experience it may become hard to think about anything other than your infertility. You might have trouble with concentration, sleep, hopelessness and pessimism. It’s not unusual to be consumed with feelings of bitterness and anger. And it’s hard to admit it if there are problems at this time in the marriage, when some part of you is already feeling like you’ve failed.

Counseling can help when you’re:

  • at a crossroads in treatment
  • deciding between alternative treatment options
  • considering other means of becoming parents
  • feeling overwhelmed by emotions
  • flagging and losing your energy and resolve

When the couple is having difficulty communicating or dealing with different ideas about what direction to take, counseling can be very beneficial in getting through an impasse.

If you’re discouraged, disheartened or despairing, talking with an understanding counselor who is trained in dealing with the complexity of this problem can help you move forward, both emotionally and practically.

There is no need to suffer even more through this difficult life passage. Please contact us for information on how we can offer you knowledge and emotional support in this time when it can make such a difference.


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