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infidelity-help-portlandAffairs have your world spinning? Or are you worried sick, suspecting that this may be going on? See our quick checklist: Clues That Your Partner May Be Having an Affair

Has your confidence been shattered by your partner betraying your deepest trust?

Is your relationship now at risk because you just don’t know how you can continue living with the spouse you once adored?

Perhaps you have had the affair, and are desperately wondering what it’s going to take to get life back to normal again; and part of you is wondering whether trying to do that really is the right decision.

The affair may be about physical intimacy and passion, or you may be dealing with an emotional affair that occurred at work or online. Whatever the level of involvement, when one partner confides in someone outside the relationship and turns to the other person for their primary source of emotional support, this is deeply wounding and dangerous to the relationship.

Whether there’s been actual intimate contact or an emotional affair, partners still deal with the same intense emotions.

Once you suspect or actually realize that your partner has had an affair, it becomes difficult to think about anything else. You may even be experiencing feelings you didn’t think you were capable of, wishing for revenge or a confrontation with the affair partner. Surging feelings course through your system as you try to stop the fears, images and words of what has happened.

This is such an intensely personal and painful situation, it’s difficult to know where to turn for support. Talking to family members and friends, if you can bring yourself to do it, often just causes people to take sides and stirs up the conflict even more. Feeling so deeply alone and confused, it’s difficult to know how to make good decisions and how to avoid doing things that may cause you regret later.

Your relationship is not hopeless after an affair. The majority of couples do not end up divorcing after an affair. It’s entirely possible to mend the damage and move onto a new chapter of your relationship.

However, jumping to forgive or to rush through getting over an affair is a recipe for a long-lasting unhappy relationship. Couples who take the time to patiently discuss the events of an affair in a way that is constructive will reap the benefits of healing and increased intimacy. The feelings that result from an affair are so difficult and intense though, that it takes skill and determination to avoid conversations that become destructive and compound the harm that has been done.

We have a highly refined specialization in this area and have studied this topic thoroughly. We also maintain ongoing education to keep our skills and approach up-to-date, so we are using state-of-the-art techniques and ensuring that we provide the finest treatment available for this difficult problem. We know these are high stakes situations, and we want to help you make the best possible progress and achieve the best outcome.

Please, take action and contact us right away. When there’s been an affair, it’s crucial that you put your attention and focus on your relationship as soon as possible. We have the knowledge and sensitivity needed to help you get a grip on the situation and find relief from the pain and hurt.


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