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Postpartum Depression

postpartum-help-portlandHaving trouble getting used to your new life, now that your baby’s here?

Do you find yourself crying, exhausted and discouraged about motherhood?

Are you shocked at how bad you feel, when you thought this would be a joyous time?

Women receive a lot of attention and positive energy when they’re pregnant, but then often end up isolated and overworked after the birth of a baby. Even the most supportive and involved husband typically has to return to work within a short time.

Postpartum depression is more common than any other complication of birth and delivery, but women are typically completely unprepared for it.

Fortunately this is a temporary condition that definitely responds to treatment and support, but knowing that doesn’t really make it any easier when you’re going through it!

You will eventually begin to feel better, despite the helplessness you’re probably experiencing now. Gradually you will have more energy and feel more like yourself again, if you take regular and consistent steps to get support and to feel nurtured.

You can get through this episode more quickly and regain your resilience if you turn to someone like a counselor for practical ideas and information. We can usually help a great deal with problem-solving and managing your moods and challenges.

If it helps for you to use counseling sessions as a time to take a break from your baby and you can get child care, that’s fine; if you need or prefer to bring your baby to sessions with you, that’s okay too. If you’d like your partner or family members to be involved, we can include them too; any helpful support people are welcome to participate with us in creating a stronger network for new moms and families.

Of course no one wants to have postpartum depression; it’s undesirable to feel down or less than capable, but it does help to talk about it to people who understand.

Please get in touch and let us know about how it’s going for you as you deal with new motherhood. Chances are if you’re having a difficult time we have some practical ideas that can make a big difference.


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