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Our services are of course absolutely private and confidential, so we cannot disclose real stories of clients’ lives, but do any of these situations seem familiar to you?

“I’m so successful in my career, and I have great friends. How can my love life be so disappointing? I can’t seem to meet the right man/woman.”

“My boss is really difficult. I tend to clam up around him because I don’t want to call attention to myself, but I know that only makes him think I’m a good target. I need to figure out how to stand up to him.”

“My teen and I are bickering about all kinds of things that never used to get to me. I’m worried about what’s going on-I know we’re growing apart at this time in life, but this is pretty miserable.”

“Our marriage is comfortable but there’s really no passion or intimacy anymore. Sometimes I wonder if we should still be together, or if there’s somebody better out there for me.”

“I wanted to be a Mom for so long but now I’m exhausted and crying so much. I love my baby, but I never knew this would be so hard.”

“I just found out my wife has been spending a lot of time on internet chat rooms. I’m furious, but I wonder if it is actually cheating. After all, she’s just flirting and teasing these guys on the computer.”

The details are different, but the struggles people experience have many similarities. People have good intentions and want to get along in their relationships, but have reached their limits in terms of the skills or understanding they have of their situation.

Even with good intentions, making changes in our behavior or view of the world can be uncomfortable. This is true for all of us. The work we do with emotional intelligence requires imagination and creative thought from each of us in order to be useful to you.

If you recognize these qualities in yourself, we are likely to work well together:

  • you are no longer willing to tolerate a bad situation because you know it’s not bringing out the best in you
  • you are open to and seeking a change
  • you want someone who can really listen to you in a way that brings out your strength and capability
  • you agree to step outside your comfort zone and look at issues from various angles
  • you are curious about seeing new possibilities for yourself

Now that you know some about the people we work with, the kinds of concerns we help to resolve, and what clients need to do to ensure progress, you can learn more about how this approach works.